How do I uninstall Sophos antivirus for Mac?

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Apple macOS


 You must have administrative rights on the computer in order to uninstall Sophos antivirus.

Step 1:

Go to the list of software installed on your Mac client using your favorite method. One method is to open Finder -> Applications -> Remove Sophos Endpoint.

Screenshot of Mac Finder

Step 2:

Click 'Continue' in the welcome screen to begin the uninstall.

Screenshot of Sophos uninstall welcome screen.

Step 3:

Enter a username for an administrator account on your Mac and corresponding password, then click "Install Helper".

screenshot of admin credential prompt

Step 4:

The Sophos client will uninstall. This may take a few minutes.

Screenshot of Sophos uninstallation in progress.

Step 5:

Once the uninstall completes, you may need to restart the device to complete the process.

Screenshot of the Sophos uninstall completed.


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