How do I add a resource or functional account to Outlook?

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Resource and functional accounts are often required to allow for access to things like shared calendars. This guide will help you add a reference to a resource or functional account into your Outlook desktop application on computers using the Windows 10 operating system.

This tutorial applies to the following operating systems:


Request Resource Account assistance

Add Resource/Functional Account:

Step 1: Add a new account

  • In Outlook, click the File tab.

Click the "File" tab.
Screenshot of the file tab highlighted in Outlook.

  • Click the Add Account button and an Add New Account dialog box will open.

Click "Add Account."
Screenshot of the file menu with "Add Account" highlighted.


Step 2: Enter resource account email address

  • In the E-mail Address field, enter the email address for your Resource Account including For example,
  • Click Next.

Enter the resource calendar email address.
Image of the Add Account window with the email address option selected and an email address filled in and highlighted.


Step 3: Sign in using your NetID

When prompted for your credentials in a Windows Security dialog box, enter your employee NetID address and password. You will most likely need to do this twice.

Optional: If you check Remember my credentials, you will not be prompted to enter your address and password when Outlook is launched.

Enter your UI email and password.


Step 4: Restart Outlook after account configures

  • Wait (usually just a moment) while Outlook configures the account. When it's done, you'll see Congratulations.
  • Click Finish when done.

Screenshot of the add account window after the process is complete with the finish button highlighted.

  • Quit Outlook. Even though you may already see the resource account's mailbox listed after your mail folders, don't be fooled. You must quit and restart before Outlook will display the calendar properly.

A pop-up prompting the restart of Outlook with an OK button.

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