Adobe Creative Cloud Self-Service Licensing for Staff


Due to changes in Adobe licensing, University of Idaho staff are not automatically granted access to use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products. It requires the addition of your account to a special group to access to Adobe products, like Acrobat, PhotoShop, Premiere, etc. A self service group has been created to license access to the products. You must join the group prior to using the Adobe products.

Please Note:

After joining the self-service group it will take 40 to 60 minutes to provision your access in Adobe Creative Cloud. 


Joining the Self-Service Staff Group

Go to the following link:

Click on the button to "Join group".  If you do not see a "Join group" button but instead see a "Leave" button, you are already enrolled in the group and can install the Adobe products needed. 

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You will be asked to provide a business justification and select the "Join" button again to join the group.  

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Click on Done when the group join is approved.

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Once you are a member, the button at the top will change to show "Leave". Only click "Leave" to be removed from the group if you no longer need Adobe tools.

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Activation Email

Within the hour you will also receive an email notice about joining the Adobe-License-Self-Service-Staff group.

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When your access is ready, you will also receive two email notices from "Adobe (" with these subject lines:

  • Get started with Pro Edition
  • Get started with Acrobat Sign Solutions for enterprise

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Installing Adobe Creative Cloud

Once you have been added to the group, and waited for the 40 minute provisioning delay, you will be able to install Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications following these instructions


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