How do I block a phone number for my account in Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams allows users to enter phone numbers that will be automatically blocked if a call is received from that number. This enables you to maintain your own call blocking list. 

NOTE: The method described in this article will only cause incoming numbers to be blocked when the number is calling you directly via your phone number. If the blocked number calls another line that you are associated with, such as a Call queue or an Auto attendant, the number is NOT blocked when it is routed to your phone or Teams app. Numbers may be submitted to be added to our organizational phone number block list in cases such as this.


Add a phone number to your block list in Teams

From Microsoft Teams, select the Calls option from the left menu. Find the phone number you wish to block under "History".

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Click on the ellipses next to the call history entry, and select "Block".

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Blocked numbers will now show that they are blocked in your call history. Note that a blocked number can be unblocked from this view.

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Manage your blocked numbers

To view all of your blocked numbers, click on the ellipses at the top right corner of Microsoft Teams, and select "Settings".

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Select "Privacy" from the left menu under Settings, and click on the button labelled "Edit blocked contacts".

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You will see a list of all of your blocked numbers. Clicking on the button labelled "Unblock" will unblock that number for your account.

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