Live Gestures in Microsoft Teams and Face-Time

Mac OS Sonoma has introduced live gestures in Face-Time and Microsoft Teams. These reactions can be a fun way to liven up your meeting, but may be inappropriate in some circumstances. This article details how to manage these gestures.

To turn gestures off :

1. Open FaceTime on your Mac

2. Once the FaceTime camera is on, select the pull down menu located on the green camera button at the top right of your screen

3. Click on reactions to turn off the feature, The reaction button should turn from green to gray.

Note: If the reaction button is unavailable you may need to be in an active call to select these options.

Below is a visual list of the Live Gestures available:

This is the list of live gestures.

Note: When using gestures, hold your hands away from your face, and pause for a moment to activate the effect.


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