How to assign an Archive Retention Policy in Outlook?


If a primary Exchange Online mailbox is running out of space, an additional "Archive Mailbox" can be enabled for an account. Once the Archive Mailbox is working, folders can be assigned an "Archive Policy" to automatically move messages from the primary mailbox to the archive after a certain amount of time.


Adding Retention Policies

By default a "3 Year Archive" and "5 Year Archive" policy will be available. It is also possible to add an additional "1 Year Archive" and "Never Archive" policy. These steps only have to be completed once.

Open Outlook for the Web at Click on the top right gear icon and select "View all Outlook settings".

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Select Mail > Retention policies. The "3 Year Archive" and "5 Year Archive" policies will be displayed. Click on "Add new policy".

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Mark the checkbox for "1 Year Archive" and "Never Archive". Then click on "Save".

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Once saved, exit the Outlook settings page.


Assigning an Archive Policy to a Folder

To assign a policy, once the Retention Policies are enabled, right click on a folder, select "Assign policy" and select the Archive policy from the available selection. We recommend at least enabling an Archive policy for the "Archive" folder.

Note: messages are not archived based on the message date, the archive time is based on how long the messages have been in the selected folder.

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