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This article will cover adding the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar to the Outlook app, placing an event on the calendar, and sending appointments through email. You can also drag and drop meetings from your @uidaho.edu calendar to the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter. Click for instructions on how to add the calendar using Outlook Web Access.

Outlook App - Adding the UIIF-IFCenter Calendar

  1. In the Outlook application, choose Calendar.
  2. In the top ribbon, click + Add Calendar and then choose from From Address Book...
    Add Calendar From Address Book
  3. Enter "Resource, UIIF-IFCenter" in the search field and click the -> button. The Resource, UIIF-IFCenter will become available. Highlight the "Resource, UIIF-IFCenter" option and click the Calendar button to add it to the calendar section. Click the OK button to add the calendar.
    Search feild recourse, uiif-ifcenter
  4. This will open the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar in Outlook.

Placing An Event on the Calendar

The most straightforward way to add an event to the calendar is to double-click on a date and time on the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar and enter the details much like you would on your @uidaho.edu calendar in the Outlook App. 

If you want to add a meeting to the calendar via the New Meeting option in Outlook, please review the instructions below.

  1. In Calendar, at the top left select the New Meeting button and then choose New Meeting.
    New Meeting Button

  2. Enter a Title, Location, Start time, End time and event details.

  3. In the Required field search for, "resource, uiif-ifcenter" and choose the available option. 
    Adding Event to Calendar

  4. Click the Send button and your event will appear on the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar.
    Event on Calendar

Sending appointments through email

This image follows instructions one and two below.

  1. In the selected email, three dots will be located at the top right. Click the three dots and then the Meeting option.

  2. Clicking on the Meeting option will bring up a new screen. 

  3. The new screen will have the email information along with appointment scheduling settings. Enter the appointment date, time, and recipients.

  4. In the Required field, add the "Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar".

  5. Click the Send button to send the email as an event to the UIIF-IFCenter calendar.

Moving Meetings From Work Calendar to the IF Resource Calendar

You can drag and drop a meeting from your @uidaho.edu calendar to the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar. You should now see a copy of the appointment in the Resource, UIIF-IFCenter calendar. If the calendar isn't adding the appointment or is giving you issues, restart the outlook app. 


Outlook Web Access Instructions

  1. Sign into http://mail.uidaho.edu/ with your university credentials.
  2. Select the calendar icon that is on the left of the page.
  3. In the navigation pane, select Add Calendar.
  4. Choose the Add from directory option, then choose your @uidaho.edu account from the drop-down and enter the following in the Enter a name or email address field:
    • Resource, UIIF-IFCenter
  5. Select the calendar that appears and under the Add to drop-down, choose My Calendars, then select the Add button.
    • A screen shot of this process is below.

Add Calendar OWA

  • This will add the calendar under the My calendars drop-down on the left of the Outlook calendar page.
  • This image shows the my calendars drop down.
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