How do I use Blue Iris to record speeches?


TLC rooms 50, 51, 144, 244 and 245 are designed for recording student speeches. Each of these rooms has a ceiling-mounted camera and a wired microphone installed to accomplish this with the use of the PC installed in the classroom.

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Blue Iris Software

Blue Iris software desktop icon image.

The Blueiris application is installed to allow the capture of the classroom camera and the audio from the microphone on the lectern top. The recordings are automatically sent to a USB drive attached to the classroom PC. If the PC has just started up, please allow 60 seconds for drivers to install before launching BlueIris.

When launched, BlueIris will ask for a Username and password. Please enter “User” for the username and leave the password blank.

You will need to enter "User" in the login prompt to launch BlueIris.
Screenshot of a desktop showing the login prompt to launch BlueIris.

BlueIris allows a one-button recording as well as control of the camera. All the relevant controls are outlined below.

The useful controls are indicated in yellow.
Screenshot of the recording screen with the useful controls indicated in yellow.

Camera Controls

The camera can be moved with any of the arrow buttons in the associated direction.

Each mouse click will move the camera in the same direction.
Image of the arrow buttons used to control the camera.

The camera zoom is controlled with the buttons to the right of the camera movement controls.

Each mouse click will zoom the camera in or out.
Image of the camera zoom control buttons.

There are three preset camera shots stored. The camera will quickly move and zoom to the preset after clicking on the appropriate button.

There are three pre-configured camera presets.
Image of the the preset camera shot buttons.


The filmstrip button above the camera video preview is used to start and stop recording. A red border will replace the white border around the video preview to indicate it is recording. Do not remove the USB drive while recording as the file will not be useable. The USB drive may be removed once the red border turns back to white.

This icon will start or stop the recording.
Image of the filmstrip button, above the camera video preview, used to start and stop the recording.

You'll see a red border when recording.
Image of the recording screen with a red border around the video.


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