Zoom: Connecting to remote classrooms/sites

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In many cases your class may be listed at a remote location in addition to your room on campus. This guide will show you how to use Zoom to call out to the remote site and bring it into the Zoom meeting.

This method will replace using the touchpanel in Cisco codec controlled rooms (NIC 208, EP 202, and EP 204) as the favorites for the rooms are no longer stored on the touchpanel. This method is also useful for any meeting that needs to bring in a remote UI classroom that uses a codec.


Log into Zoom

Log into the local computer and sign into Zoom. Join the meeting for your class from the Zoom client. 

For Cisco Codec rooms only:

If you are using a Cisco codec room (NIC 208, EP 202, and EP 204) this computer will be used to manage the Zoom meeting, but will not be an active participant in the same way. Make sure that you DO NOT connect to audio to avoid audio distortions if you are using a codec in the room! When the "Join Audio" dialog pops up you can click on the "x."


Invite the remote system

First click on the "^" on the Participants button. Then click on Invite.


On the dialog that pops up click on the "Room System" tab. Then select the Call Out tab below it.

From there you can click on the down arrow to go through the room selections. You can also begin typing the name of the room you are wanting to connect to have it filter those options.

CdA sites are prefixed with "UI". General classrooms, such as NIC 208, EP 202, and EP 204, are prefixed with "ITS."

Once you have selected the appropriate room click on the "Call" button. This will prompt Zoom to call the room. Systems that are in this dropdown should automatically accept the Zoom call as if they are a user signed into an @uidaho.edu account. In rooms such as NIC 208, EP 202, and EP 204 this process can be done to connect the in-room system to the Zoom meeting.



If you have a waiting room set for your meeting you will need to admit the room into the meeting as if it was any other participant. This can be done with the Zoom application on the computer.

If you are the host of the meeting you can also unmute the room system from the Zoom application on the computer if it was muted on entry. 

If you are unable to share content from the PC on the Cisco codec you may need to enable screen sharing for other participants. This can be done by clicking on the Security button and selecting screen sharing to make sure it is checked.

Other participants can still join the zoom meeting as normal. They will see the connected room systems as additional participants.




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