Enabling Live Transcription in Zoom

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Zoom's Live Transcription service will be enabled for all UI clients after the required August 6th, 2021 update. This article will guide you through the process of requesting live transcription to be enabled by the host.

Requesting Live Transcription

A participant in the meeting may click on the "Live Transcript" button at the bottom of the screen to request that Live Transcription be enabled.


A simple request dialog will pop up when the Live Transcript button is pressed. Click on "Request" to send a request to the meeting host.


Enabling Live Transcription after a request

After a request has been sent to the host by a participant they will receive the dialog below. Click on Enable to turn on Live Transcription for the meeting.

All participants will receive a notification that Live Transcription has been enabled. Individual participants can click on the "X" to close the notification.


Adjusting Subtitle Size

After Live Transcription has been enabled participants can access the Subtitle Settings by clicking on the Live Transcript button and then selecting the "Subtitle Settings..." option.

This will open the settings window. It is recommended that the Closed Caption Font Size be adjusted as it will default to "Small." Other settings may be adjusted to personal preference.

Enabling Live Transcription as the Host

The host of a meeting can also enabled Live Transcription without being requested by a participant. To do so the host may click on the Live Transcription button and then select the "Enable Auto-Transcription" button. 



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