Supervisor Assignment automation

Supervisor Assignment Form:

When an employee is assigned a supervisor on the Supervisor Assignment Form

* JOBS record get Supervisor (person/PCN/Suffix)

* Approval based on job type:

    - Pooled position: RJQE record

    - Non-pooled position: NBAPOSN record updated with supervisor


Nightly processing:

* each supervisor that no longer has an active job:   

  - remove supervisor information from:

      -- RJQE records they are approver for

      -- JOBS records they were supervising

      -- NBAPOSN records they were supervising

* each employee that terminated (or went on leave) in the previous pay period (NOTE: employees are not updated until AFTER the timesheet deadline for that pay period):

  - remove employees RJQE TIME records (if any)

  - remove supervisor from employees NBAPOSN record

  - remove supervisor from JOBS terminate record



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