Tax Season Checklist

1. Year-end updates from Ellucian. Check for updates released by Ellucian to address annual changes required to tax forms and associated processes (Usually December)

    a. Banner modules: Finance [1099], Payroll [W-2, 1095-C, 1042-S], AR [1098]

    b. Open a ticket with Application Administration to install Banner updates

    c. Open a ticket with Application Administration to install new tax templates

2. Tax form template changes

    a. [Application Administration] Request new tax templates for FormFusion from Evisions

    b. [Application Administration] Install new templates:

        i. PPRD: -> /PPRD/Finance/[new year] Tax Templates/ 

               [NOTE: this step is needed since Banner upgrades are installed in PPRD and PPRD points to for Evisions processing]

        ii. STAG/PROD: -> same as pprd, but under STAG/PROD directories

        iii. Template names provided to Business-Systems team [example in picture]

        iv. Customization - right-click pxr1042 -> Copy. Rename copy to tzr1042

  c. [Business Systems] Check with user groups [Payroll/AP/AR/etc] to determine which template is needed for each process (based on the paper size/shape/folding style) and provide the list to Developer group [Add ticket task to tax template ticket]. From example above, they needed "W2_W2F4CNB_2020" for pxrw220

  d. [Developers] add records to GWVFILT based on template names provided by Business Systems

3. [Business Systems] Banner setup: new Job Submission process(es) need setup (usually just the new W-2 process)

  a. GJAJOBS -> verify record exists and "use filesystem credentials" is CHECKED and default printer is set to DATABASE:

  b. GJAJOBS -> [checkbox for PXPW2__ ONLY - PXRW2__ should NOT have this checkbox checked] verify record exists and "use filesystem credentials" is CHECKED and default printer is set to DATABASE:

 c. GJAJBMO -> verify record exists and "enabled" is checked

When running REPORTS (PXR__) lis/log output are in ~joebarb NOT in ~joebarb/jobsub/. If the "filesystems" checkbox is NOT checked, no log will be generated and "why is this not running" is VERY hard to track down

4. [User groups - Payroll/AP/AR] Test your tax forms and Banner upgrades in PPRD

    a. Get "special print" value from [todo: checking where this report is]

    b. run processes - provide feedback to Business Systems as needed


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