What alternatives are available to Mailman?


The University of Idaho has relied on the Mailman listserv software to manage large mailing lists for the past few decades. There are now a number of alternatives that are easier to use and provide increased functionality. If you are a Mailman list owner, please contact us for assistance in migrating to one of these alternative options.

Note: the Mailman service is considered a legacy service and no new Mailman lists are being created.



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a full featured communication service for both real-time meetings and text-based conversations. It includes a Microsoft 365 Group that can be used for bulk email communication. It can be moderated and is a direct replacement for many Mailman features.

Microsoft 365 Groups

Microsoft 365 Groups are an underlying component of the Microsoft Teams infrastructure. It is a good option for when email only options are enough and a full Microsoft Team is not required. These Groups provide an @groups.uidaho.edu email address and have a shared Exchange Online mailbox for message archiving.

Mail-Enabled Groups

Mail-Enabled Groups are a replacement for one-way mass communication. If you maintain a large distribution list and need to send out moderated email messages this is an easy alternative. It does not provide a web-accessible archive but an archive mailbox can be included if necessary.



To migrate your Mailman list:

  • Contact us using the "Request Assistance" link and include the current Mailman list name and which service you would like to start using.
  • The recipient lists and moderation settings will be migrated.
  • Mailman archives will be saved but cannot be exported to the new service.
  • The existing email address can be redirected to the new alternative service.
Warning: the ability to use self-service subscribe and unsubscribe will no longer be available after the migration. If you require this feature please let us know.



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