How to view a Microsoft Message Encryption protected message?

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This article covers how to view a message protected with Office Message Encryption (OME).

NOTE: Protected messages sent to or addresses are automatically decrypted by Office 365.

Recipients using other email providers, such as Google Gmail or other business email, can also use the steps in this article to view an encrypted message.

How to View an OME-Protected Message:

Step 1: Recieve an OME-protected message

If someone sends you an OME-protected message, you will receive a notification message like the one below. Click "Read the message":

Message informing you you have received an OME message


Step 2: Choose how to authenticate

Choose how you wish to authenticate. Click "Sign-in with a One-time passcode" to receive an 8 digit PIN emailed to you.

NOTE: If you have a Gmail or Yahoo address, you can sign in through your email profile to confirm your identity.

Choose login method


Step 3: Check email for One-time passcode

If you clicked "Sign-in with a One-time passcode", return to your mailbox. You should receive a message like the following with a passcode:

One time passcode email received


Step 4: Return to OME portal

Return to the OME portal window and enter the passcode. Click "Continue".

Enter OTP code to login


Step 5: Message should be decrypted

You should now see the decrypted email message.

Decrypted message displayed successfully

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