Mobile App Registration - Submitting Required Graphic Assets

When submitting your app for registration, the app stores require you to also submit various image files to be used for marketing the product.  Application icons will be used both in the stores and on devices when the product is downloaded.  Follow the instructions as closely as possible, as we will not be able to finalize the registration without providing all required materials.  You’ll likely need to coordinate the delivery of these assets with an individual familiar computer graphic tools, such as your departmental web coordinator.

We request that you name each file in a manner that indicates the type of image as follows...

Platform             ‘iOS’ (for Apple) or ‘Android’ (for Google Play)

Image Type        ‘I’ (for icon), ‘S’ (for screenshot), or ‘FG’ (for feature graphic)

Device Type       ‘47’ (for 4.7 inch)

               ‘55’ (for 5.5 inch)

                            ‘40’ (for 4.0 inch)

                            ‘35’ (for 3.5 inch)

                            ‘IP’ (for iPad)

                            ‘IPP’ (for iPad Pro)

                            Example: iOS_S_55.jpg for an Apple screenshot on a 5.5 inch device.

Required Graphic Assets


                Apple (1 required, JPG or PNG, minimum resolution 72 dpi, RGB color space, no layers or rounded corners)

                Android (1 required, 32-bit PNG, 512px X 512px, max size 1024kb)


                Apple (At least 1, but up to 8, for each supported device, no transparency)

                Android (At least 2 screenshots, JPEG or 24-bit PNG, min 320px, max 3840px, max no more than twice min)

Feature Graphic

                Apple (not required)

                Android (required, JPEG or 24-bit PNG, 1024px X 500px)

Required files should be attached to the request form for the Mobile App Service in TDX.  Use the Attachment element in this form to attach one or more graphic files.

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