Mobile App Registration - Submitting the Request

This service should be used to submit a request to ITS for the registration of a mobile app in one or both app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play). This form is intended to collect the core information we know we’ll need to process the request. However, we will typically need to refine this information through iterative updates to the ticket.  The registration of mobile apps can be a complex process given the requirements of each store.   Being prepared to provide materials and information as requested, and responding promptly to requests for additional information, will help greatly in minimizing the duration of the effort.

The following facts are important to keep in mind as we navigate the process:

  • It can take as much as two or more weeks to register an app in each store depending on the complexity of the app and preparation of materials.
  • We currently support iOS (Apple) and Android (Google Play) apps.
  • Third-party vendors are no longer allowed to host their iOS apps for the University.  We must host them through our institutional Apple account.
  • Third-party vendors can still host Android apps for the University.  We typically only host Android apps in Google Play when they are developed by University staff.

To submit a request for the registration of a new mobile app, select “Request Service” from the Mobile App Registration service in TDX.  From this form, enter the requested information as follows:


Should be displayed automatically.


Enter “Registration of <app name> mobile application”.


Select “Submit a new app for registration”.


Check each platform (Apple and/or Android) that applies.  Remember that third-party vendors typically host Android apps for us.

Name of App as seen by users

The name as it will appear under the app icon when displayed on the device.  Should be as short and concise as possible to avoid truncation.

Full description detailing features & functions

A short paragraph that describes the purpose and features of the app.  This will be displayed in each app store as part of the app’s marketing materials.

Short description

A single, concise sentence which describes the core purpose of the app.  This will be displayed in each app store in search pages, and as part of the app’s marketing materials.

Keywords for search

One or more words or phrases that can be specified by users to locate the app in the stores.  Separate with commas.

Support URL

Specify the vendor’s support site if developed by a third-party vendor, or your department’s URL if developed internally.

Marketing URL

Specify the URL for your department or program within the University’s website.


Select from the dropdown list.  If you select anything other than “Education”, we will generally register that selection as a secondary category.  Defaults to “Education”.

App version submitted

The version number encoded in the submitted code package.  Should typically be in the format NN.NN.NN.

Does an app feature require credentials?

Select ‘Y’ (Yes) or ‘N’ (No) from the dropdown list, as appropriate.  If ‘Y’, we will need to coordinate the identification of a test account that can be used in reviewing the app.  Apple will not approve apps unless they can access all features and functions.

Supports a language other than “United States, en-US”?

Select ‘Y’ (Yes) or ‘N’ (No) from the dropdown list, as appropriate.  If ‘Y’, we will contact you to discuss details.

Available in a region other than “United States”?

Select ‘Y’ (Yes) or ‘N’ (No) from the dropdown list, as appropriate.  If ‘Y’, we will contact you to discuss details.

Are you charging for the app?                   

Select ‘Y’ (Yes) or ‘N’ (No) from the dropdown list, as appropriate.

If yes, how much? (numeric)

Enter the amount you expect to charge for the app.


Browse and attach any graphic assets as described in the knowledge base articles “Submitting required graphic assets”.

NOTE: We will coordinate the delivery of installation files with you when we receive the request.  Do not attempt to load them as an attachment as it will likely be unsuccessful.

Additional Instructions

Any additional considerations we should be aware of while processing the request.


When all questions have been answered fully, click Request at the bottom of the page to submit your request.

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