Mobile App Registration - Submitting an Update to Your App

Submitting an update to your app is much more straightforward than the initial registration of the app. For most apps, all we need is the following:

  • The app version submitted
  • The platforms effected
  • The code package for each platform
  • A summary of the changes included in the new version
  • Any special instructions for signing the app (Apple only)

To submit a request for the loading of an app upgrade, select “Request Service” from the Mobile App Registration service in TDX.  From this form, enter the requested information as follows:


Should be displayed automatically.


Enter “Load update of <app name> mobile application”.


Select “Submit an update for an existing app”.


Check each platform (Apple and/or Android) that applies.  Remember that third-party vendors typically host Android apps for us.

App version submitted

The version number encoded in the submitted code package.  Should typically be in the format NN.NN.NN.


Browse and attach any new graphic assets as described in the knowledge base article “Submitting required graphic assets”.

NOTE: We will coordinate the delivery of installation files with you when we receive the request.  Do not attempt to load them as an attachment as it will likely be unsuccessful.

Additional Instructions

Provide a summary of changes included in the new version and any special instructions for signing the app, if applicable.

When all questions have been answered fully, click Request at the bottom of the page to submit your request.

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