How do I Disable "AutoSave" in Office 365 products?

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This article will outline the steps to disable the "AutoSave" feature in Office 365 products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This process will have to be repeated for every application that you would like to disable "AutoSave" in. Please note that after disabling this feature you will need to manually save your documents in order to prevent data loss.

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Disabling "AutoSave"

Step 1:

Please begin by launching the desired Office application you would like to disable "AutoSave" in. Next, head over to the left hand corner and click on "File".

Image: "AutoSave" 1


Step 2:

For this step click on the item "Options". It will be located in the bottom left hand corner.

Image: "AutoSave" 2


Step 3:

After step 2 you will be presented with the window below for the application currently in use. Click on "Save" and then uncheck the first check box titled, "AutoSave OneDrive ...".

Image: Word Options

Step 4:

In order to save the changes you must hit the "OK" button. Congratualtions! The "AutoSave" feature has now been disabled.

Image: "AutoSave"  3



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