Email - What are [BULK] email messages?


You may occassionally see email in your inbox where the subject begins with "[BULK]". This identifies the message as being from a known mass mailing service that is used for legitimate email campaigns. For example, if you subscribe to a vendor's email list they may send the message out through a third-party email service like MailChimp, SendGrid, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) and more. These messages are not outright blocked as spam because they may be legitimate, although low-priority. They are NOT automatically filtered to the Junk Mail folder.

You may see these messages referred to as "bulk" or "low-priority" messages in the email filtering service.

Treating [BULK] Email as Junk Mail:

If you would like to treat all of your Bulk mail as Junk Mail there are a few quick options. You may visit the Quarantine service at and look through your "low-priority" messages and block the senders selectively OR you can setup a rule in Outlook Web at to automatically filter all messages with "[BULK]" in the subject directly to your "Junk Mail" folder.

If you would like assistance with either of these options please contact your local support team or submit a ticket on this site.


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