How do I publish my calendar availability?

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It may be beneficial to distribute your schedule to aid in coordinating meetings or events. This article will demonstrate a quick method for publishing your Outlook calendar availability from OWA onto a webpage anonymously.

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How to Publish a Calendar in OWA:

Step 1: Sign in to OWA and Open Settings

First, we want to sign in to OWA either through or Once signed in, we will want to open Settings by clicking the gear in the top right corner of the page.


Step 2: Open all Outlook settings window

In the pop-out window now open, click the link at the bottom called View all Outlook settings.


Step 3: Navigate to calendar sharing settings

In the Settings pop-up window, select Calendar > Shared calendars from the options on the left of the window.


Step 4: Select calendar to publish and set visibility

In the Publish a calendar section, select the calendar you want to publish from the first dropdown (In the image below, it is currently set to Personal)

From the dropdown under the selected calendar, choose the visibility that you want viewers to be able to see of the calendar. The most limited visibility is Can view when I'm busy, which will only display the blocks of time marked as busy.


Step 5: Publish calendar and distribute link

Once your calendar has the visibility settings you want, click the Publish button. Once published, links to be used for distributing the published calendar will be generated. Copy the desired link, primarily the HTML link for general usage, and use it to direct people to your published calendar.

Note: At any time, if you want to stop allowing access to this calendar through the published link, navigate back to this window and click the Unpublish button. This will remove the links and stop access to anyone who tries to access your published calendar through them.

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