Description: Auto-Fulfill indicates whether a buyers credit card or webcheck is automatically charged when the order is placed, or if a store manager or fulfiller must login to TouchNet and manually fulfill the order. Each TouchNet product has a setting which allows the store manager to decide if they want to auto-fulfill when that product is ordered.

How to Set Product to Auto-Fulfill

If a product is not set to "auto-fulfill" someone in your department must monitor and manually fulfill orders in TouchNet every time you want to get paid. There are limitations (depending on the credit card company) to how long you can wait to fulfill an order, and it's easy to forget these things. In general, we recommend changing your product(s) to auto-fulfill unless you have a good reason not to. To confirm, setting products to "auto-fulfill" will automatically charge the buyers credit card or webcheck when they make the purchase. Here's help on how to make that change:

  1. Login to TouchNet
  2. Under Applications, select Marketplace
  3. Expand your Store Settings
  4. Click on Products
  5. Click on the product you want to modify
  6. Scroll about halfway down the page to Product Settings
  7. Set Auto-fulfill to Yes
  8. Scroll down to the Save button near the bottom of the page


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