How to add a Mailbox to Outlook for MacOS


This tutorial is for adding additional mailboxes into the MacOS version of Outlook. You may need use this tutorial to add a shared functional account which you have been given permissions to access through a -fullaccess or -editor group.

Add Mailbox to Outlook in MacOS:

Step 1:

Open the Accounts... window by going to Tools.


Step 2:

In the Accounts window click on Advanced... in the lower right.


Step 3:

In the Advanced menu click on the Delegates tab.


Step 4:

Under the Delegates tab go down to the "Open these additional mailboxes:" and click on the + sign.


Step 5:

Enter the additional mailbox you wish to open and click Add when it is selected.

Step 6:

Close out of the windows by clicking OK when done.

Step 7:

Quit Outlook and restart the program.

Step 8:

Upon logging into Outlook you should have the newly added account listed below your primary account. You may have to scroll down on the left pane to see it.

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