Microsoft Edge Browser Issues


When dealing with Microsoft Edge, you may experience issues and behavior that results in an inability to continue using the browser. This article aims to help resolve some of the more common issues that can occur when using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge web browser not connecting to the Internet on the UI network:

Issue: On some computers, when using the Microsoft Edge web browser, it appears that the computer is not able to connect to sites under the domain.  When switching to another browser the machine has no issues connecting. This is a known issue with Edge, and does not appear to be caused by any configurations the University of Idaho is applying.  ITS is monitoring the issue.

Resolution: ITS has researched this issue and will continue to look for a secure solution to the problem.  For now we recommend using an alternate browser if you experience this problem.  Notify your local support team if you need assistance.

Recommended alternate browsers:

Request Microsoft Edge assistance


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