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Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards:

  • A lost student or employee VandalCard fee of $25.00 is charged to replace lost or stolen VandalCards.
  • Cards that are affiliate or vanity, which cost $10 initially, have a $10 lost card fee.
  • Lost or stolen cards can be deactivated by calling the VandalCard Office or going online at https://vandalweb.uidaho.edu.
  • Reactivating a lost card has to be done in person by the card holder. A phone call or e-mail will not be accepted.
  • Damaged cards are replaced for free when the old damaged card is returned to the VandalCard Office.
  • Cards are replaced at no charge for name changes or position/title changes when the old card is returned to the VandalCard Office.
  • Replacement costs are non-refundable.

Deactivating a Lost or Stolen VandalCard on VandalWeb:

Step 1: Login to VandalWeb and navigate to "Personal Information"

Step 2: Select "Vandal Card" from the options

Step 3: Select "Deactivate your Vandal Card"

Step 4: Select the desired VandalCard and click "Deactivate"

Other VandalCard Information:

The VandalCard is valid as long as you are an active student or employee. A new card will be issued if needed past the expiration date.

Access is updated electronically at the beginning of each semester. This is dependent on fees being paid. Resident hall access and meal plans are exempt from being dependent on fees being paid.

Spring semester student’s cards will remain active during the summer.


Request VandalCard assistance

Contact Vandal Card Services, open 8-5, Monday-Friday. Summer hours are 7:30-4:30.


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