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Services or Offerings?
I need to get access to a student lab that has a Vandal Card swipe to enter. ITS can grant access to buildings and rooms for ITS computer labs.

Information about the Student Computing Labs, requesting new software for the labs, and how to request access to them.

I need to report an issue with student computing labs.

Service used within TDNext.

Request support from Student Affairs Technicians.

Request VandalCard electronic access and physical keys for the Multi-use facilities.

Individuals can request an All Access Pass for campus events.

Public Safety and Security provides access service and gatekeeper tools for campus buildings and resources.

Request DJ access to the KUOI NAS.

I need access to an Administrative Application (i.e. Marketplace/Touchnet, Argos/Evisions, Oracle Imaging, CS Gold, etc.)

I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.

Choose this if you have a student labs or classroom technology question about something not listed above.

I have a request or question about Student, Staff or Faculty email.

I need a Banner account and/or access to a Banner Module. Access to FAMIS, Facilities' management tool, is granted by Facilities Management.

How do I obtain access to NMS firewall management tools?