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Services or Offerings?
Large storage or research storage assistance.

Request to increase storage space on S: drive (on-premise)

Storage and Collaboration Tools Modernization

Problems using Self Service File recovery or other file storage issues.

Personal cloud storage for files.

How do UI records get stored? How do I retrieve a stored record?

How do I:
- manage my u drive quota?
- mount my U and S drives in Windows?
- mount my U and S drives in OS X?
- access my User and Shared drives while off campus?
- create a new folder on the shared drive or SharePoint Storage Site?

Service used within TDNext.

Choose this if you have a Electronic File Storage concern not listed above.

Request for temporary exemptions to changes in standard configuration or applications. These exemptions are deemed not to be a high security risk and do not require ITS Security review, however, subject matter experts will review the request to determine if there are other options so the requester can use the updated configuration or application. The granted exemption is set for a defined period to allow the requester time to revise materials or update processes to accommodate the new version, new application or new configuration standard.

I would like information on how to use Zoom video conferencing or set up a Zoom account.