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Use this service to request an exception to UI policy or standards. An exception requires an in-depth review by the ITS Security Office in order to establish the appropriate documentation and mitigation of any potential security risks introduced by an exception.

Request for temporary exemptions to changes in standard configuration or applications. These exemptions are deemed not to be a high security risk and do not require ITS Security review, however, subject matter experts will review the request to determine if there are other options so the requester can use the updated configuration or application. The granted exemption is set for a defined period to allow the requester time to revise materials or update processes to accommodate the new version, new application or new configuration standard.

I'm having an issue with my firewall

How do I obtain access to NMS firewall management tools?

Please complete this form to request proposal development service(s) from the Research and Faculty Development team.

I have a request or question about getting or using a addressed website.

ITS owned equipment that can be requested to be borrowed for short periods of time.