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Services or Offerings?
Creation of general web space for classes or individual employees.

I need help or information about Integrating Applications

I want to purchase or configure a printer, scanner, copier, or other printing equipment.

I want to report an Issue or Outage to one of the Universities Administrative Applications

I want to receive and send mail or instant message on my mobile device.

I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.

I need to request help or ask a question about an Administrative Application

I have a request or question about calendars.

Information about the Student Computing Labs, requesting new software for the labs, and how to request access to them.

New printers need to be configured for general printing or Banner printing.

Personal cloud storage for files.

I have a request or question about using UI-supported instant messaging apps.

I need to send a message to a large group of @uidaho addresses.