How to enroll in Duo MFA with the mobile app?



Duo MFA (Multifactor Authentication) is required for access to university resources. This article will guide you through the process of enrolling the Duo mobile app for your University of Idaho account.

If you are already enrolled in Duo some steps below are not applicable. To add a new device to your account, please see How do I add or remove Duo devices?. To re-activate Duo mobile, please see How do I reactivate Duo mobile?


Enroll in Duo MFA

If you are not already enrolled in Duo, follow the below steps to enroll with the mobile app.

Step 1

You can enroll in Duo by visiting ( in any web browser. To begin the enrollment process, sign in with your university credentials.

Screenshot of UIdaho login page


Step 2

Click "Enroll Phone" on the left hand column.

Screenshot of initial Duo enrollment screen


Step 3

Click "Start setup" to launch the setup wizard.

Duo begin enrollment page


Step 4

Follow the prompts to enroll your desired authentication method. To enroll the Duo app on your mobile phone, select "Mobile phone" then click "Continue".

Screenshot of select device screen


Step 5

Enter your mobile phone number, check the box to confirm, and click "Continue".

Screenshot of phone number entry screen


Step 6

Select the phone type (Android, iPhone, etc) and click "Continue".

Screenshot of phone type selection screen.


Step 7

If you do not have the Duo mobile app, install it on your phone. Once the app is installed click "I have Duo Mobile installed".

Screenshot of Duo app install prompt.


Step 8

Open the Duo app, tap the key+ icon, and point your phone at the barcode.

Screenshot of barcode to scan with the Duo app.


Step 9

Once the app scans the code, click "Continue".

Screenshot of barcode page when barcode has been scanned


Step 10

Click "Finish Enrollment" to complete enrollment.

Screenshot of enrollment complete page






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