Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Classrooms


The technologies in these classrooms include a large display with a provided HDMI cable to connect your own device. The remote and HDMI cable can be found on the back of the display to the left side.

System Use

To use this system:

  1. Connect your device using the provided HDMI cable
  2. Use the remote to turn the power on for the display (green button)
  3. If your device screen does not appear on the display, use the INPUT button to bring up the HDMI options.
  4. Select HDMI 2 by pressing the (insert pic) button in the middle of remote. You may need to use the up/down arrows in the center to toggle to HDMI 2 before selecting. 
  5. Please remember to return both the remote and the HDMI cable to the back of the display when finished This is a photo of the remote, highlighting the power button. 

Requesting Help via Ticket

You can also request classroom help through this link: Request classroom technology help.

Help via Phone

You can request classroom assistance by calling 208-885-0570. Note that this method is generally the least effective method of contacting a TSP for help. It is recommended to submit a ticket, if possible.

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