IT Security Standards

All IT Standards published to support the APM, including:

Examples of IT Security Challenges:

  1. Theft of hardware containing sensitive or personally identifiable information; 
  2. The level of network activity is excessively large as to cause serious degradation in the performance of the network; 
  3. System administrative privilege has been acquired by an unauthorized person; 
  4. An attack, either electronic or physical, on another computer or network has been executed; 
  5. Confidential, private or proprietary electronic information or communications are being collected; 
  6. Continued complaints have been received regarding inappropriate activity and no response has been received from the departmental contact regarding the incident.
  7. Computer equipment is or has not been procured and managed by OIT/ITS resources
  8. Software not owned by U of I, or is unpatched or no longer supported by the vendor.
  9. Use of unapproved software or systems either on-premises or in the cloud


If you need to report a security incident, please use do so clicking here.

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This FAQ answers common questions regarding University IT Policies, APM 30.16. IT standards contain the specifications, protocols, and details related to University technology policy, that provide direction for use of University technology resources.