Network Checkup Tool


The Network Checkup Tool has been created to provide information about your connection on the University of Idaho network and to assess if there are issues with your connection.

WARNING: This page is only reachable when connected to the U of I network.

The Network Checkup Tool is located at:

Depending on how you are connecting, you will see one of three pages as shown below. For Wireless/VPN users, there are three classifications for your connection status: Good, OK, and Bad.

Submitting a Network Report:

ITS recommends submitting a network report if your connection status is Bad, which can be done by filling out the time when the issue occurred--Now or Other--as well as an optional description of the issue. If you've already opened a ticket, please include the ticket number in the description.

If you would like a response from ITS please include your preferred method of contact in the description.


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