How to set up a new University of Idaho student account?


Welcome to the University of Idaho!  

You now have a University of Idaho account. This account is more than just an email address and will be your key to all IT resources - whether it is managing your financial aid in MyUI, submitting assignments through Canvas, or scheduling online appointments with your professors and academic advisors through VandalStar. Below is a step-by-step guide on getting this account set up! 

Note: For best results, please avoid using a cell phone to complete these instructions.


Step 1 - Access

Access the Account Management site by going through the password reset page at 

1. Click I’m not a robot 

2. Enter your Vandal ID and click on Lookup.
The Vandal ID is found on your acceptance letter, or in an email sent to the personal email address used to first communicate with the U of I.

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3. Select an email or phone number from the list. 

4. Click Send Code 

5. Once the code has been received, enter it into the Enter Verification Code field.
This code will be sent to the chosen email or phone number, from step 3. 

6. Click Continue 


Step 2 - Set a Password

Once you access the Account Management site, click Change Password on the left to set a password on your account 

Make note of the username listed at the top of the page. This is your username for all UI services and is the first part of your university email address. Your username is the first four letters of your last name and four numbers. Example: vand1234 

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A helpful guide for selecting a password can be found at: 


Step 3 - Create a Security Profile

A "Security Profile" is a series of questions that only you know the answer to AND one personal contact, such as a cell phone number or email address. Once the Security Profile is set, you will be able to reset a forgotten password in the future without needing to call the Student Technology Center. 

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1. After setting your password, click Security Questions on the left of the page 

2. Add 3 questions 

3. Click Security Contacts on the left of the page 

4. Add 1 contact, such as a personal cell phone or email 

A helpful guide for setting a Security Profile can be found at:


Step 4 - Setup Duo MFA

The University of Idaho uses Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for additional account security. You will be prompted to set up Duo after changing your password. You may opt-out of setting up Duo MFA for up to 30 days after your password has been changed.

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1. Sign in to MyUI with your full email and password (set in step 2)

2. Click Start setup 

3. Choose your device type from the list of options and click Continue 

4. Enter your Phone number, check the box below and click Continue 

5. Click either Call Me or Text Me 

6. Once you receive the 6-digit code to your phone, enter it into the box and click Verify 

7. Continue 

8. Continue to Login 

A helpful guide for Duo MFA can be found at: 


Step 5 - Access Email

to your student email by going to 

Your full email address must be entered to sign-in. Example: 

The password will be the password set in Step 2. 

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Need assistance?

If you have any questions, or run into any errors, please contact us for assistance:

Student Technology Center 

208-885-4357 (press 2 for students)






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