Administrative Applications

Banner, Marketplace, FAMIS, Evisions/Argos, and Document Imaging, etc.

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Conference room scheduling.

Banner 9 Alerts

Provides information and timely updates on Banner application solutions.

Document Imaging

Information about Stellent, Oracle Imaging, Capture etc.

Marketplace / TouchNet

Information about the Ecommerce application Marketplace including order canceling, refunds, export to Excel, notifications, finding transactions, and more.

Articles (5)

Banner 9 FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Banner 9 Admin Pages.

Banner Trainers List

Looking for someone to help you with Banner 9. This list provides contact information for those in various areas who can assist.

How do I embed a Qualtrics Survey in a webpage?

This article explains the process of embedding a Qualtrics Survey in a webpage.

What is Qualtrics?

This article explains the Qualtrics survey services offered at UI.

What is the difference between Resolved and Closed in TDX?

This article is a quick rundown of the current status's in TDX. Keep in mind this can change as we move through the process and more information is in the TDX strategy guide.