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Mobile App Registration - Submitting the Request

How to submit a request for the registration of a new mobile app. (PUBLIC) ... This service should be used to submit a request to ITS for the registration of a mobile app in one or both app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play). This form is intended to collect the core

How to enroll in Duo MFA with the mobile app?

duo-mobile ... Overview Duo MFA (Multifactor Authentication) is required for access to university resources. This article will guide you through the process of enrolling the Duo mobile app for your University of

Mobile App Registration - Submitting App Installation Files

How to prepare and submit your app installation files with your request. (PUBLIC) ... It will be the requester’s responsibility, in conjunction with the developer of the mobile app, to provide us with the installation files we need to upload to the stores.  We will coordinate the

Mobile App Registration - Submitting an Update to Your App

How to request the registration of an update to your mobile app. (PUBLIC) ... of an app upgrade, select “Request Service” from the Mobile App Registration service in TDX.  From this form, enter the requested information as follows: Requestor Should be displayed

Mobile App Registration - Submitting Required Graphic Assets

)   Required files should be attached to the request form for the Mobile App Service in TDX.  Use the Attachment element in this form to attach one or more graphic files.

Duo Mobile Setup

application on your Android or iOS device.   For Android: On Android, installing duo mobile is done through the Google Play Store, shown here

How do I enroll a mobile phone number in Duo?

duo-mobile ... of Idaho account. This process does not enroll the Duo mobile app, just your mobile phone number for calls and text messages. To enroll the Duo mobile app on your account, please refer to How do I

Using Duo Outside the United States

duo-mobile ... Overview This article covers using Duo multifactor authentication from locations outside the United States. Considerations for each Duo factor Duo mobile app Phone call and SMS

How do I reactivate Duo Mobile?

Instructions for users to reactivate their Duo Mobile on a new phone ... mobile ... Overview This tutorial will walk you through how to reactivate Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone. Secure MFA is not eligible for reactivation unless you have another authentication method

Why do I see "More information required" during sign-in?

a mobile app, phone number or email address. Recommended Enrollment Steps Enrolling without a Mobile App   Recommended Enrollment Steps This is the initial setup screen. The

How to reset my password at the Windows 11 sign in screen?

: Mobile app notification Mobile app code Email Mobile phone Office phone You will know your password has successfully been reset when you see "Your password has been reset".   Step 7 Sign into your AAD-joined Windows 11 device with your new password.

How to add or remove Duo MFA devices?

Reactivate Duo mobile app. Use this option if you have a new or second mobile phone and are attempting to setup the Duo app. Change Device Name Change the device's display name shown in

Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

have more than one account, may I use one device? What mail clients are supported by Duo MFA? Duo Guides How do I enroll in Duo with the mobile app? How do I enroll a landline or

Android Email Clients and MFA

This article applies to the following operating system(s):  Android Overview The currently supported mail client for Android is Microsoft Outlook for Mobile. Other mail clients, including

How to use Duo Mobile with Self-Service password reset?

possible to use another authenticator app like Duo Mobile, Google Authenticator, or Authy.   Warning The Microsoft Authenticator application is highly recommended. Microsoft Authenticator