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Outlook Email Card

Details regarding the Outlook card in MyUI as well as provides an overview of functionality and additional information ... outlook ... Overview The Outlook card provides you with a snapshot of the last 10 emails received to the signed in account.  Selecting an email will launch Outlook and provide the entire email

Managing Outlook Templates

This article demonstrates the steps to export your Outlook email templates to a backup and then restore them once your system has been rebuild or after receiving a new machine. ... outlook ... %\Microsoft\Templates\  then click Enter on your keyboard.   Step 03: Copy Templates  In the window that opens, you will find a copy of all templates you created in Microsoft Outlook. On

How to add a Mailbox to Outlook for MacOS

How to add additional mailboxes to open with Outlook on OS X. ... Overview: This tutorial is for adding additional mailboxes into the MacOS version of Outlook. You may need use this tutorial to add a shared functional account which you have been given

Change where Outlook opens hyperlinks

outlook ... In This Article: Overview Change where Outlook opens hyperlinks Overview: By default, Outlook overrides your default browser setting and opens hyperlinks in Microsoft Edge. This guide

How to change meeting hours in Outlook?

outlook ... Overview Every summer and fall the official university work hours are changed. For summer it is 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM, while the rest of the year is 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. In Outlook, the "Work hours" or

How to add a shared mailbox to Outlook?

outlook ... Overview When an account is provided "FullAccess" permissions directly to another account the shared mailbox will automatically show up in the left side folder list in Outlook desktop

How to assign an Archive Retention Policy in Outlook?

. These steps only have to be completed once. Open Outlook for the Web at Click on the top right gear icon and select "View all Outlook settings". Select Mail

How to add a functional account to Outlook in Windows?

The steps below outline the process to add a functional account mailbox to your existing Outlook client using full-access groups. ... outlook ... the remaining dialogue windows and then "Finish" at the end.  You should now have the functional email mailbox listed below your normal staff NetID in the left hand pane of Outlook.

How to auto-forward email in Outlook for the Web?

This tutorial goes through the steps needed to auto-forward email in Outlook for the Web. ... outlook-web ... Overview This document will demonstrate how to enable email auto-forwarding in Outlook for the Web at An auto-forward can be configured for students, alumni and retirees

How to set the From Address in Outlook Web?

outlook ... address in Outlook Web at Adding the From Changing the From Always Show From Deleting the From Errors   Adding the From The first time you send as

Outlook Web App (OWA) - Frequently Asked Questions

This article answers frequently asked questions about the Outlook Web app used by students and employees at the University of Idaho. ... email-outlook ... Overview: Outlook Email Questions How do I open an email attachment? How do I get the full email headers of a message? How do I set up a vacation message? Why do I get error

How do I add a resource or functional account to Outlook?

This tutorial goes through the steps to add resource calendars and resource accounts to UI Email in Outlook 2016. ... outlook-2016 ... email accounts. This guide will help you add a resource or functional account to your Outlook desktop application on computers using the Windows 10 operating system. This tutorial applies to the

How to share an Outlook calendar event as an iCalendar (.ics) file?

outlook ... Overview This is a guide how to send a calendar event as an iCalendar (.ics) file.   Sending Outlook event as iCalendar (.ics) file 1. After creating an event, select the event and press

How do I set up my Outlook in Android?

This tutorial goes through the steps needed to configure Outlook on an Android device. ... native-outlook ... In This Article: Overview Setting Up Outlook on Android Download and Install Outlook Select Get Started Enter full email address Sign in with password Authenticate with DUO

How to configure Outlook to set new appointments as online by default?

How a user can configure Outlook to automatically set new appointments as online meetings. ... outlook ... Overview Users can configure their Email preferences to set new appointments as online meetings or not. When a customer creates a new appointment in Outlook, and adds one or more attendees to the