Temporary Exemption from Standardized Configuration

University of Idaho frequently updates applications and or configuration standards to stay current. Temporary exemptions can be granted to give the requester time to update materials or procedures to accommodate the new version, new application or new configuration standard. These types of exemptions are deemed not to be a high security risk and do not need ITS Security review, however, each request is reviewed to help the requester if there other options available so their configuration meets standards. 

Temporary exemptions are confined to a specific time period depending on the change. The requester must adjust or update their materials or procedures to accommodate the standard within the time frame.

If a request is approved, then when appropriate, the asset ID record must be updated with the appropriate configuration item to track the request for future review. This is done by IT Local Support. See How to Add Configuration Item (CI) to IT Asset ID.


Currently available exemptions:

Office 365 Pro Plus Upgrade

A temporary delay from the Office 365 ProPlus upgrade can be requested on a per machine basis.  A business case or academic need is required for the exemption to be processed. Instructions for IT Local Support: 

  1. Add Non-Standard Configuration "Office 365 ProPlus Exception" CI to asset ID (see instructions)
  2. Add computer to "o365-client-software-exempt" AD group via Toolbox

Temporary exemptions will be valid through June, 2020.


S: Drive (Shared) Migration

Departments or Colleges that have processes or applications that need to mount the S: drive can ask for an exception to migrate all their files to the University's Storage Sharepoint site. Create a ticket to request a temporary excemption.

For Local Support:

  1. If approved add the S:drive access (ss-) group to sharepoint-migration-exception AD group.
  2. Create a task in the ticket and assign to ITS-CEE-TSP-Leads. Document what type of exception: High Risk Data, Application or Other

Temporary exemptions will be valid through Fall Semester, 2020.


Windows 7 Computers to Stay Off the Network

Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of January 2020 and will no longer be allowed on the UI network after February 2020. There are cases when Windows 7 is required but the computer can be off the network. This type of request does not need to go through a review but still needs to be associated with the asset so it can be adequately tracked. See How to remove network access for non-supported, non-compliant OS computers for complete instructions. This exemption will be reviewed yearly.

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