New File Storage Location

Manage User Drive Quota:

Each student, faculty and staff member at the University of Idaho is allocated one gigabyte of data on his or her User drive. You will be unable to save or move files if you go over this limit. You can follow our tutorial to clear space and remove restrictions on your U drive.

Mounting U and S drives:


One of the best things about the U and S drives is that they can be mapped (or mounted) to any computer. While mounting your U and S drive to a Windows machine, you will need to use the following file paths:

  • User drives: \\\users\
  • Shared drives: \\\shared\

The steps for mapping your drives are the same for computers both on and off campus - the only difference is that off-campus computers, and any computer connected to AirVandalGuest, will need to be connected to VPN before being able to mount or gain access to the U and S drives. See our tutorial on how to use the quickConnect tool for Windows.

 OS X / Apple

Mounting your U and S drives on the Unix-based Mac OS X operating system is possible by simply using the built-in SMB file-sharing protocol. When mounting the U and S drives, you will want to make sure you use the following server addresses:

  • For your User drive, use: smb://
  • For your Shared drive, use: smb://

Remember, if the machine is off campus, you will need to be connected through VPN to access the data on your drives. Follow these instructions to easily connect to both servers from your Macintosh.

Off Campus:

Accessing your User and Shared drives while off campus (e.g., while not on UI wired internet or AirVandalGold) you will need to connect using Virtual Private Network software. The reason for this is because User and Shared drives, by definition, have a high potential to store sensitive personal information relating to the University of Idaho.

A VPN connection allows off-campus users to establish a secure, encrypted connection and allows access to the drives. You will need to configure VPN on your machine and, once connected, you can access the drives just as you would on campus.

If you do not have permission to download and run the VPN, you can send a request to ITS for access. If you are able to download the software, you should also be able to use it. Once you have access to the Vandal VPN group, follow the appropriate tutorial for your device: [Windows] [OS X] [iOS] [Android] [Linux]

New S Drive Folder:

Subfolders can be created by individual users who have permission to make changes to the folder structure, but if you require a new “root” or top-most folder, you will need to contact ITS. Find out more about Shared drive folders with our tutorial.

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