Student Lab Door Access Request

Door Access:

  • is the university's means for controlling admittance to most buildings and many student computing labs,
  • utilizes Vandal Cards rather than physical keys in many cases to unlock doors to protected areas and buildings, and
  • is granted by Unit Gatekeepers to specific doors or groups of doors based on affiliation with the University of Idaho.

For access to any door not currently opening upon the swipe of your Vandal Card, contact your Unit Gatekeeper. Department and Division leaders will know who their Unit Gatekeeper is if you are unsure.

It is the policy of the University of Idaho that after normal working hours all facilities shall be locked and secured in order to maintain the safety of both the facilities and their contents including any faculty, staff and/or students. Building card access systems allow for accountability in building access. Door access is granted for entry to University facilities for the purpose of conducting University business only.

 The most effective security happens when all University employees and students share in the responsibility of ensuring the safety integrity of all campus facilities.

Use this service:

AFTER contacting a Unit Gatekeeper OR if you are a student (NOTE: student workers are to contact their supervisor for work-related door access), to Request Door Access to a specific door or group of doors. Please click on the Submit Request to complete a short form with details of this request. Your ticket will be placed in an IT queue where it will shortly be assigned a technician who will work with you to fulfill your request within 3 business days or less. 

Computer Labs ITS can Grant access to:  

  • Admin bldg. for Admin rooms 223 and 225.
  • Library 4th floor ADA lab
  • Pitman Center basement lab

For ITS employees:

  • Admin bldg. Entrances
  • Admin bldg. ITS rooms: 10, 21, 24, 26, 140, 210 and 210E
  • All student computer labs (including ADA access)
  • Pitman Center Records Management Area
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