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  • is the service that has been implemented to support multifactor authentication (MFA) university-wide at the University of Idaho,
  • and MFA (also called two-factor authentication) enhances the security to UI accounts, and it
  • requires a secondary electronic device or application to verify your login — in addition to your current UI password.

It is is a top priority for the university and Information Technology Services (ITS) to protect both university data and UI employees' and students' personal information. Stronger security measures are needed to help keep UI information safe.

 MFA is mandatory for all employees and students to ensure a second layer of authentication and business or personal devices such as mobile phones and tablets are the simplest way to achieve this second level of confirmation and authentication. Duo’s security software application for mobile devices is free and creates no university records on the mobile device.

For more information, see the related knowledgebase articles or view the ITS Multifactor Authentication page.

Use this service:

To request any of the following:

  • Duo mobile app installation assistance
  • Duo hardware token
  • Non-mobile MFA options

Please click on the Submit Request to complete a short form with details of this request. Your ticket will be placed in an IT queue where it will shortly be assigned a technician who will work with you to fulfill your request within 3 business days or less. 

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