New Vandal Account

New Employees

Vandal accounts cannot be created until new employee has a Vandal number created by HR. Please submit requests as soon as Vandal number is created to avoid delays and urgency of creating an account. 


Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored accounts are for individuals not employed by nor is enrolled at University of Idaho but need Vandal account (see "How do I sponsor an account for someone" for more information). The following information must be provided with the request:

  • Sponsor's Vandal ID Number
  • Sponsor's phone number
  • Vandal ID Number of the sponsoree -OR- the following information (to create a Vandal ID number):
    • Full Name (including middle name or initial if available)
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Alternate/Personal Email Address
    • Reason for sponsorship
    • Duration of sponsorship


Student Accounts

Student accounts are automatically created during enrollment. Please submit a ticket through Reset Vandal Account Password if you are experiencing an issue with your account. Your ticket will be routed to Student Technology Center (STC).


Use this service:

Please click on the Submit Request to complete a short form with details of this request. 

Once a user account is created, the supervisor will receive an email with account credentials along with information to enroll in DUO, a required multi factor authentication process.

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