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Report an information security incident.

Service used within TDNext.

This can be used for any request where a specific request form is not available.

Public Safety and Security training can be requested for departments.

Extra patrols by police and/or security can be requested

Public Safety and Security provides access service and gatekeeper tools for campus buildings and resources.

I want to get a DUO app on my smart phone or a hardware token for the 2nd level security method.

Choose this if you have a Security or Records concern not listed above.

Request for temporary exemptions to changes in standard configuration or applications. These exemptions are deemed not to be a high security risk and do not require ITS Security review, however, subject matter experts will review the request to determine if there are other options so the requester can use the updated configuration or application. The granted exemption is set for a defined period to allow the requester time to revise materials or update processes to accommodate the new version, new application or new configuration standard.

Use this service to request an exception to UI policy or standards. An exception requires an in-depth review by the ITS Security Office in order to establish the appropriate documentation and mitigation of any potential security risks introduced by an exception.

I want to enroll in Multifactor Authentication (MFA/Duo)?

How to acquire and appropriately use public key certificates for TLS, SSL, S/MIME, or Code Signing.

Information about the Student Computing Labs, requesting new software for the labs, and how to request access to them.

I want to protect the information and high risk data stored on my computer.

Department Request for Criminal Background Check