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Services or Offerings?
I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.

Requests for Slate related questions, information, and/ or reports can be submitted using this portal.

This can be used for any request where a specific request form is not available.

Individuals can request an All Access Pass for campus events.

Public Safety and Security provides access service and gatekeeper tools for campus buildings and resources.

To request solid waste service events in and around campus.

I want information related to getting or using a Campus ID card (Vandal Card).

Lost and found request for items that have been lost in and around campus.

How do I:
- manage my u drive quota?
- mount my U and S drives in Windows?
- mount my U and S drives in OS X?
- access my User and Shared drives while off campus?
- create a new folder on the shared drive or SharePoint Storage Site?

I am having issues with video conferencing.

Information about the Student Computing Labs, requesting new software for the labs, and how to request access to them.

I'm planning an event and need internet available

I want to purchase or configure a printer, scanner, copier, or other printing equipment.

How do UI records get stored? How do I retrieve a stored record?

Use this form to submit a ticket if you are having issues with technology in a Hyflex classroom. The nearest TSP/Local Support will be notified and will come to the classroom as quickly as possible. If the room or building you are in is not listed then it has not been designated for immediate IT support. Contact your Local Support to report an issue or need assistance. Please note in the additional information section if this is not an urgent issue or you won't be in the room when support arrives.