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Services or Offerings?
ITS supports core software such as Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge along with Windows 10 OS, Mac OSX, Android OS, Apple iOS. ITS VLab applications and lab software is also supported. Support for all other software is provided as a best effort assistance.

Please see Administrative Applications for support for Banner, Marketplace, FAMIS, Evisions/Argos, etc.

I'm having an issue with my wired internet connection or need a wired port turned on.

I want to protect the information and high risk data stored on my computer.

What software can be loaded to protect the data my desktop and laptop computers?

Information about the Student Computing Labs, requesting new software for the labs, and how to request access to them.

How do I:
- manage my u drive quota?
- mount my U and S drives in Windows?
- mount my U and S drives in OS X?
- access my User and Shared drives while off campus?
- create a new folder on the shared drive or SharePoint Storage Site?

I would like information on how to use Zoom video conferencing or set up a Zoom account.