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This service provides assistance in collecting electronic documentation for a legal request.

Use this form to submit a ticket if you are having issues with technology in a Hyflex classroom. The nearest TSP/Local Support will be notified and will come to the classroom as quickly as possible. If the room or building you are in is not listed then it has not been designated for immediate IT support. Contact your Local Support to report an issue or need assistance. Please note in the additional information section if this is not an urgent issue or you won't be in the room when support arrives.

Please complete this form to request proposal development service(s) from the Research and Faculty Development team.

The Office of Technology Transfer can help faculty, staff, and students with the Invention Disclosure process (to assess and protect new inventions or discoveries), Material Transfer Agreements (for the exchange of controlled or sensitive materials, including data), Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements (to protect the exchange of confidential information), and advising for UI-affiliated people regarding protecting and commercializing intellectual property.

Large storage or research storage assistance.

Warranty Claim Service provides assistance in returning equipment to vendors for warranty repair.

Technical assistance for large events across the University.

Requests for training on admission applications in Slate including Slate Reader, assistance with existing admission application reports, and requests for new reports on those in the application stage.

ITS supports core software such as Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge along with Windows 10 OS, Mac OSX, Android OS, Apple iOS. ITS VLab applications and lab software is also supported. Support for all other software is provided as a best effort assistance.

Please see Administrative Applications for support for Banner, Marketplace, FAMIS, Evisions/Argos, etc.

Take away old, broken or outdated technology for you.

Request support from Engineering Outreach.

I want to purchase or configure a printer, scanner, copier, or other printing equipment.

I'm planning an event and need internet available

I need to connect to the printer in my department.

Can a file that I have deleted or can't find be recovered?
How do I recover a file?