Banner, Marketplace, FAMIS, Evisions/Argos, Document Imaging, etc.

Services (8)

Report an Application Issue

I want to report an Issue or Outage to one of the Universities Administrative Applications

Ask a Question about an Administrative Application

I need to request help or ask a question about an Administrative Application

Request Application Access

I need access to an Administrative Application (i.e. Marketplace/Touchnet, Argos/Evisions, Oracle Imaging, CS Gold, etc.)

Web Application Update Request

Web Application Update Request

Request New Marketplace Store

Marketplace / TouchNet is the University of Idaho's Ecommerce platform. All staff members are welcome to sell products using Marketplace.

Mobile App Support

Registration and ongoing administration and support of mobile apps.

TeamDynamix Application Support Requests

University supported Enterprise Service Management and Portfolio and Project Management application.

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Choose this if you have an Administrative Application concern not listed above.