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Mon 6/6/22 - Fri 12/16/22
717 - Information Technology Svcs Admin
Consulting, Training, & Projects / I Have a Technology Need
PPMO / Technology Needs
Red - At risk with no corrective actions
We require a secure document management application that will fulfil the growing need for electronic forms processing with built in workflow capability.

• Ability to index and store documents
• System is supported by vendor with security updates
• Web interface available
• Vendor-supported integration with Banner
• Workflows, e-signatures, and e-forms
Wed 2/2/22 8:49 AM
Thu 8/11/22 8:23 AM
Describe below if you have a particular solution in mind.
• Softdocs, or other products with a higher education market.
• Hyland (vendor) "Perceptive Content" (used by other Idaho universities)
• Image Source (currently use their "ILINX Capture" product)
• Ellucian "Banner Document Management"
Describe the key benefits of a solution
Described what the university will gain from the solution and what the end result looks like (automations, process changes, equipment, etc.)
Funding Source
If no funds required enter "No Cost"
Must be UofI Budget Index number. If a grant or outside UofI monies are supporting this expense, list the specific indicators used to identify that cost through that organization or grant process.
Additional FTE Required to Support this Solution?
Number of full-time employees that would need to be hired to perform the technical or admin support for the solution. Enter "0" if not applicable or it is unclear at the time of request.
Number of Employees Impacted
Indicate the number of employees that will either administer or operate the system or solution. Enter "0" if not applicable.
Number of Users Impacted
Number of prospective students, current students, staff, faculty, retirees, affiliates or anyone who may be using this solution. Enter "0" if not applicable.

1. Technical

Infrastructure: List any 3rd party vendor names/info
Provide any 3rd party information which identifies the vendor.
• Softdocs
• Hyland (vendor) "Perceptive Content" (used by other Idaho universities)
• Image Source (currently use their "ILINX Capture" product)
• Ellucian "Banner Document Management"
Infrastructure: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Yes: Off-Prem
Infrastructure: On-Premises: List hardware needed
On prem printers
Use of Data: Integrations, imports and exports, etc. of data (with systems like Banner, etc)
Vendor-supported integration with Banner
Anticipate many other integrations with UI systems, but list of these systems TBD
Provide suggested solution.
• Softdocs
• Hyland (vendor) "Perceptive Content" (used by other Idaho universities)
• Image Source (currently use their "ILINX Capture" product)
• Ellucian "Banner Document Management"
VPAT Completed?
Has the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) been filled out and uploaded to the Files section of this request? (Only needed when requestor suggests a specific solution.)
Solution already available?
Describe modifications to current systems
Decommission Oracle Imaging system
Does this replace or require modification to a current system?
Are there any pre-requisite projects or related processes/projects that will need modification?
Describe pre-requisite projects or related processes/projects.
Primarily process changes for most users of imaging system. Anticipate projects will be identified as a result of this system change.
Technical Review Complete

2. Initial Security Review

Data Classification
Low Risk
Moderate Risk
High Risk
Authentication service to be used
SAML 2.0
Authentication Service (Other)
SSO available for all suggested solutions - SAML 2.0 supported
Access and permissions required
Current system (Oracle Imaging) has desktop app "thick client" that is no longer vendor-supported, has issues when patching, and requires Admin permissions on some devices. Poses significant security risk.
Privacy, confidentiality, regulatory, or compliance details
Contracts, E-verify, and other documents with high-risk data are captured in imaging system.
Indexing documents and making them available via imaging system can help address regulatory items.
Initial CISO Notes
As this system will house the most sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for campus users and partners, a full vendor security assessment must be completed. This should include review of HECVAT as well as architecture and data diagram review for specific or example flows, including interfaces with email and other systems.

3. Project Management

ITS Cascaded Plan
Is project on the ITS Cascaded Plan?
PM complexity
High – high risk and/or high impact
PM General assessment notes
Dan Ewart polled other Idaho schools. ECM is below, workflow was sometimes the same tool but others as well.
- BSU: Hyland Onbase/Perceptive
- ISU: Ellucian Banner Document Management
- CSI: Hyland Onbase
- NIC: Softdocs
- LCSC: Hyland/Perceptive (but looking at alternatives)
- CWI: Hyland/Perspective
Project Management Review Complete

4. CIO Review Notes & Recommendation

CIO Review Notes & Recommendation
Notes: The current Oracle imaging system is antiquated and represents a security risk due to the requirement of admin rights on the computer - ITS cannot develop enhanced workflows to streamline business operations and can not proceed adequately with eliminating admin rights on university computers, a high risk per recent security assessments.

Recommendation: Proceed if funding is identified.
CIO Review Complete

5. Cabinet Notes & Recommendation

Cabinet Notes & Recommendation
Approved to begin pnce funding is identiifed. Priority #2. There are significant opportunities for institution wide process improvement and modernization.
Cabinet Review Complete


For security requirements and ongoing functional business requirements, the University needs to replace the old unsupported document imaging product with a modern and supported Enterprise content management (ECM) system. Our current document imaging application is no longer supported by Oracle.


  1. UI Goal 1: Innovate - Scholarly and creative work with impact

    Direct impact on students and employees related to required processes throughout their time at the institution. Will improve perception of UI Admin offices through improved efficiencies and aligning our system with user expectations.


  1. High Data confidentiality level

  2. Medium Definition of costs

    Still identifying preferred solution & vendor - costs unknown as of 10/8.

  3. High How unstable is the current system?

    Oracle Imaging is at high risk of failure and past end of life; no longer vendor supported. Parts of system no longer functioning. Improvements could be made (relative to existing system), but replacement needed at minimum.

  4. High Impact to Business Continuity

  5. Low Lack of project sponsorship

  6. Medium Level of expertise needed for this project

    One vendor with many in-house staff involved.

  7. High Level of project management skill needed

  8. Medium Likelihood of vendor dependency

  9. High Overall complexity of the project

    Moderate scope but wide impact.

  10. High Overall size of the project budget

  11. High Technology complexity level

  12. High What is the impact of doing nothing?

    Oracle Imaging is at high risk of failure and past end of life; no longer vendor supported.

Intangible Benefits

• Time saving for imaging system users
• Improved security
• Workflow & process efficiency improvements (by minimizing paper document use)
• Enhanced institutional reputation and perception by students, staff, faculty, etc.


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