Cloud-based Hosting of AIMS Parking Management System



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Tue 5/24/22 - Fri 10/28/22
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Currently Auxiliary Services IT provides full tech support to PTS for an annual cost of $33,450. This includes all hardware and software support for all department technology needs. PTS pays AIMS for their software service $26,500 annually. With AIMS hosted on campus, the AIMS tech employees cannot access our system to be responsive to issues. When there are system issues PTS staff contacts Aux IT support, who then contacts AIMS tech support and often they work together to find the solution, but the AIMS team cannot be as efficient or helpful as they could be if they had access to the server. PTS will also contact AIMS directly for assistance, but again, without access to the server they cannot help with most issues, but only suggest solutions to try. This often results in an issue lasting 5-7 days before it is repaired, negatively impacting customer service delivery and expectations. An example issue is during our busy permit sale period, customers will be purchasing permits and selecting payroll deduction as their payment option, the purchase shows in banner but not in AIMS so we don't know to fulfill a permit. An issue requiring AIMS expertise to solve and needing to be solved within a couple hours to 1 day in order to lessen the negative impact on customers. In summary, the need to move to a cloud-based system is driven by two factors: cost savings and increased response time to issues, resulting in improved customer service.
1) Cost savings: the desire is to eliminate payment to Aux IT from PTS for AIMS support work, but keep Aux IT as PTS' hardware tech support (not adding new responsibility to central IT tech partners), paying them a significantly reduced annual rate from current for those services (amount to be determined). Estimated annual savings is around $25,000.
2) Improved response time to issues resulting in improved customer service: in a cloud-based environment, PTS staff would contact AIMS tech support directly for assistance with issues, the AIMS team would have access to the server to better diagnose issues and implement fixes quickly. A cloud-based system would also mean system updates would automatically occur whenever AIMS pushes out an update, improving service to customers by having the most recent and best system live and functioning. A cloud-based system eliminates the current middle man which is Aux IT, allowing for PTS to work directly with the company to solve the issue rapidly.
Mon 2/3/20 2:33 PM
Sun 11/13/22 9:12 PM
Describe below if you have a particular solution in mind.
The desired solution is a fully off-site hosting of the AIMS software by the AIMS/EDC company. The majority of other schools who utilize AIMS software are cloud-based systems. We have received strong positive feedback from other schools who are hosted by AIMS and are confident we will reduce costs and improve customer service by meeting expectations when they utilize our parking software and greatly improve response time on addressing system issues. A feasibility study supporting the move to a cloud-based AIMS system was provided by Aux IT and is attached to this project request, as well as several other informational documents pertaining to the AIMS software and hosted environment.
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1. Technical

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Migrate data from existing AIMS database to cloud-hosted solution provided by vendor.
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AIMS Parking Management System - transition current setup from on-premises hosting to vendor hosted (cloud).
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2. Initial Security Review

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SAML 2.0
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AIMS/EDC supports ADFS, Shibboleth, and InCommon. It should be confirmed that all UI authentication can happen over SSO.
Privacy, confidentiality, regulatory, or compliance details
Vendor is a PCI Level 1 service provider and can provide attestation (this is the highest level). HECVAT Lite has been provided for evaluationn.
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While this is project involves high risk data (PCI), this is a mature and capable organization. Full vendor assessment should be completed during implementation to assess any mitigations needed.

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4. CIO Review Notes & Recommendation

CIO Review Notes & Recommendation
This is an upgrade of a current system to move it to a SaaS platform and reduce support requirements for U of I. Security concerns can be appropriately addressed. Given this is an upgrade, this project is approved to move forward with the following conditions:
1. All university Purchasing Services processes are followed - please work with Julia McIlroy
2. Once contract is complete, the application should be entered into the Application Portfolio in TDX
3. A copy of the signed contract should be provided to ITS
4. Implementation project status should be provided to ITS on a regular basis
5. Any ITS work will be done as prioritized and as resources are available
CIO Review Complete
CIO Approved


AIMS parking management system is currently hosted in-house. We'd like to move to a cloud-based hosting service through EDC (AIMS) to reduce annual technology support costs for PTS and improve service both internally (tech support response time and ability to address issues) and externally (frequent and regular system updates for customer interface). Annual savings is estimated at $28,150 (i.e. $84,450 over three years) with a move to a cloud-based system. SEE SPREADSHEET IN FILES FOR TOTAL ESTIMATED COST SAVINGS.


  1. Dept / Unit Goal (Please describe goal)

    Migrate AIMS to EDC cloud.

  2. Team Goal (Please describe goal)

    Reduce need for on-campus programming resources for maintenance of AIMS program


  1. Medium Data confidentiality level

    Assuming AIMS parking system data rises to the level of medium/moderate risk.

  2. Low Definition of costs

    Maintenance fees are an estimate provided by PTS after discussion with Auxiliary Services. AIMS quote is from 10/19/2018 and prices may vary slightly.

  3. Low How unstable is the current system?

    Current system is functional, but requestor desires faster resolution of support issues and other benefits of going with a cloud-hosted system.

  4. Medium Impact to Business Continuity

    PTS services will continue to be operational, however delays in resolving technical issues would be expected to continue.

  5. Low Lack of project sponsorship

    PTS Director is requestor and would back this if approved.

  6. Medium Level of expertise needed for this project

    This would likely involve just one vendor, and coordination with ITS and Auxiliary Services IT is likely required.

  7. Low Level of project management skill needed

    Scope of work is straightforward, but multiple groups are involved, so this may rise to the "Medium" PM skill level.

  8. High Likelihood of vendor dependency

    Vendor would provide cloud hosting for database (currently on-premises), so effort will be largely dependent on vendor.

  9. Low Overall complexity of the project

    Scope is well defined and overall complexity is likely either low or medium.

  10. Medium Overall size of the project budget

    Expenses are moderately high, but approval and implementation would result in significant savings compared to current system setup.

  11. Low Risk associated with vendor security standards

    PTS has been using AIMS for a few years in coordination with support from Auxiliary Services.

  12. Medium Technology complexity level

    Cloud hosting of parking application and data - will involve a single vendor and likely some Auxiliary Services staff.

  13. Low Vendor track record

    No known issues with AIMS, already in use by PTS.

  14. Medium What is the impact of doing nothing?

    Estimated annual savings of $28,150.00 would not be realized, and PTS would not receive the improved level of service inherent with cloud-hosted AIMS.

Intangible Benefits


• Estimated annual savings of $25,000 from the proposed reduction in IT support from Auxiliary Services.
• Improved response time for issue resolution
• Software updates would occur automatically as AIMS makes them available
• Improved PTS customer service, due to faster error resolution and more frequent software updates


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