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Thu 2/20/20 - Fri 1/15/21
688 - Institutional Research
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PPMO / Technology Needs
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An assessment system is needed to meet requirements for regional accreditation, as our current system is is unable to perform at the level currently expected. It was developed at a time when a much less sophisticated approach was expected. One example is in the assessment of Program Learning Outcomes. At the time of the current systems development simple annual summary data was required. Now the current expectation is that course specific mapping of course outcomes are collected and connected to the program level data, and that the program level data be connected to the university level outcomes.

In addition to the increased level of expectations over the years since it was developed, the move to Java for the university would require the antiquated system to be re-written and maintained. This appears to require our having to hire programmers to develop and maintain it, or outsource the development, and then hire to maintain it. The examination of the personnel costs and/or personnel and consultant cost appeared to be equivalent to or higher than selection of an established product in this case. The implementation of this solution/product will actually absorb one of the current analyst line from our unit.
Mon 1/28/19 10:33 AM
Tue 3/9/21 4:21 PM
Describe below if you have a particular solution in mind.
We developed, and ran under the direction of Purchasing, an RFP to look at vendors to examine current industry standard solutions. Several were examined, three were bought on campus for review, and CampusLabs appears to be the most effective, integrated and establish system.

Three or four modules are expected, and each would take approximately 2-3 months to develop and implement (6-12 months total). Would require vendor development time. All needed by 12/31/2021 when next accreditation visit occurs.
Describe the key benefits of a solution
Described what the university will gain from the solution and what the end result looks like (automations, process changes, equipment, etc.)
Additional FTE Required to Support this Solution?
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Required Due Date
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In Scope
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1) Setup and implementation of an assessment system for student evaluations, graduation evaluations, and program evaluations
2) Integration with Banner 9
3) Decommissioning of existing Sequel-based process
Out of Scope
All items determined outside of the scope of the project.
Key Success Factors
Items that will deem this project successful.
- Implementation of CampusLabs assessment system
- Completed on or before 12/31/2020
- Completed within budget

1. Technical

Infrastructure: List any 3rd party vendor names/info
Provide any 3rd party information which identifies the vendor.
Infrastructure: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Yes: Off-Prem
Provide suggested solution.
CampusLabs with Banner 9 integration.
Solution already available?
Does this replace or require modification to a current system?
Are there any pre-requisite projects or related processes/projects that will need modification?
Technical Review Complete

2. Initial Security Review

Data Classification
Low Risk
Moderate Risk
High Risk
Authentication service to be used
SAML 2.0
Authentication Service (Other)
One authentication at a time including SAML, CAS, LDAP, GPT.
Access and permissions required
Department administration, and general user access.
Privacy, confidentiality, regulatory, or compliance details
According to website, CampusLabs complies with FERPA rulings. Data released to CampusLabs is the property of UI and under UI's direct control.

3. Project Management

ITS Cascaded Plan
Is project on the ITS Cascaded Plan?
PM complexity
Medium – moderate risk and/or moderate impact
PM General assessment notes
Existing process is Sequel server based and interfaces with Banner. The existing process is stable but will not address more complex assessment requirements.
Project Management Review Complete

4. CIO Review Notes & Recommendation

CIO Review Notes & Recommendation
This product has already been purchased. Review was completed before the governance process began. I approve this project to continue forward as resources are available and prioritized in ITS.
CIO Review Complete
CIO Approved


The employment of an assessment system to meet requirements for regional accreditation is needed as our current system is is unable to perform at the level currently expected.


  1. UI Goal 2: Engage - Outreach that inspires innovation and culture

    Will further the University's ability to collect meaningful feedback from students, graduates, and other groups. Needed to meet higher complexity of accreditation assessment.


  1. Low Data confidentiality level

  2. High Definition of costs

    Costs are unknown at this time. No quotes obtained.

  3. Low How unstable is the current system?

    Current system functional, but improvements are needed to meet more complex accreditation requirements.

  4. High Impact to Business Continuity

    Needed to address more complex assessment requirements related to accreditation. Current process won't function with Banner 9 without significant work (and expense) to rewrite in Java.

  5. Low Lack of project sponsorship

  6. Medium Level of expertise needed for this project

    A single vendor is anticipated.

  7. Medium Level of project management is skill needed

  8. High Likelihood of vendor dependency

    Yes - aside from integration with Banner, majority of work will likely be completed by vendor.

  9. Medium Overall complexity of the project

  10. Medium Overall size of the project budget

  11. Low Risk associated with vendor security standards

  12. Medium Technology complexity level

  13. Low Vendor track record

  14. High What is the impact of doing nothing?

    Needed to meet higher complexity assessment related to accreditation.

Intangible Benefits

Solution is expected to absorb an analyst position from the Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation unit.
Provides ability to address more complex questions regarding education and student performance.


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