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This article describes how to mount U and S drives to a Mac running OSX.
This tutorial explains how to set up the UI VPN for a machine running OS X.
In the case that a user forgets the Power-On-Authentication passphrase that they set when encryption was enabled, this tutorial will demonstrate how a recovery key can be generated so that they can boot their OS X Apple computer and reset their passphrase.
The installation of Sophos SafeGuard will take place automatically, but encryption will not take place until a passphrase is set. This tutorial will demonstrate how to begin the encryption process on OS X.
List of supported software.
This article provides links to instructions on how to install Skype for Business on a WIndows machine and a Mac.
This tutorial demonstrates how to set up Outlook in OS X on an Apple computer.
This tutorial will assist you in clearing your browser cache in Safari.
This article claims how to add a networked office printer in OSX.
This article explains how to find a MAC address on a Macintosh Apple computer.
This article explains how to connect to UI Wifi on an OS X device.
This is a tutorial on installing Sophos AntiVirus Home onto a personal Mac/Apple computer.